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• Evaluation and redaction of technical specifications

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• Team upgrading in microfabrication and microfluidics fields

• Audit of existing installation processes

"We work with Klearia since 2012 : the complete team offers advices, engineering support and has continuously suceeded in providing us solutions for our reasearch needs. Glass microsystems, microelectrodes, micromodels made for us are always high quality realizations. We have a privileged partnership for years and hope this will go on !"eee

Nicolas Pannacci, IFP Energies nouvelles petrophysical engineer

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• Work-packages leading (ANR, H2020 projects)

• Active scientifical interactions/ contributions

• Milestones follow-up and redaction of intermediary and final reports

• Short period welcoming students in Klearia’s company available

Our collaborative projects in 2021

FLAshMoB- Functional Amyloid Chimera for Marine Biosensing

The aim is to develop small, portable, easy to use, and robust biosensor platforms to monitor marine contaminants with high sensitivity and specificity, offering the ability to work on site and in a wide range of matrices.

SURIMI-SUrface plasmon Resonance for In situ detection of Metallic Ions 

The aim of the SURIMI project is to develop multi-detection metallic element sensors capable of performing robust and sensitive analyses in settings ranging from a laboratory environment to the harshest conditions (e.g. deep ocean and/or polar seas).

NEMO- NEw biomimetic Lab-on-Chip device for marine water MOnitoring

The project relies on a recognition phase based on electrochemical molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs).


MIP based sensors will be incorporated into glass-based LoC devices. Sampling handling will be tailored in this programme to deliver deployable sensing platforms whereby in-situ sensor measurements in the marine environment will directly indicate specific organic pollutant concentrations.


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