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Microfluidics and Lab-On-Chip technologies


The story of LabInglass

Klearia is a French SME (CNRS) that was created at the end of 2012 from an innovation based on a patented low-temperature glass bonding process.


This innovation allowed the integration of sensitive electrode materials in a microfluidic chip that’s leads to intensive R&D which conduced to developp the first portable electrochemical analysers PANDa dedicated to trace micropolluants detection in water.


With our experimented team coming from both high level academic labs and industries, Klearia’s group created LabInGlass foundry and consultancy to promote and share the high potentiality of microfluidics technologies for all usefull applications.

*PANDa - Portable ANalyzer for trace metals Detection


Innovate with microfluidics solutions

Inspired by nature engineering, Microfluidics and Lab-On-Chip technologies opened a new way to manipulate fluids driving at micrometric scale.


These disruptive technologies are revolutionizing  various fields as Biotech, fundamental research in Biology and chemistry, cosmetics, Organ-On-Chip, Energy and point of care diagnostics.






Benefit from our team experience

Define your process requirement

Materials/ functions/ ressources...

Make the best choice of equipments

Performances, user-friendliness, sizing...

Be daily followed and advised

Process optimization, failure analyses,…

Benefit from our large professional network